​​5 Reasons Why Thousands are Restoring Their Scars with This Dermatologist Recommended Product

By Christina Smith
Published on 06/10/2024 at 12:27 PM

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"After surgery, one of my friends recommended Nuvadermis. It works fantastic & you can’t even tell that you have it on"

I have to admit, I leave things too long, whether its laundry, tasks I should get to, or the scar I have on my arm that I got falling through a fence a few years ago. This scar annoys me everytime I see it and I never got around to it, because I always thought it would be a large cost, a large time investment and i'd have to sit in doctors offices and go through needles, lasers and everything else imagineable.

That was until I discovered Nuvadermis not through a friend, but through tens of thousands of reviews, I was curious and I thought I would give it a shot. 

After 6 weeks I noticed a significant difference, the skin started to heal, the scar was less prominent and it only got better from there, I'm completely sold on this solution and I've become what can only be described as an ambassador for the brand, telling everyone I know that suffers from scarring or marks, to give it a try.

So why is it so good? Well that's simple, so I summed it up for you in just 5 key reasons.

The Skin Fade Duo

The Dermatologist Approved and Recommended Scar and Skin Mark Solution, Loved by over 12,000 customers and counting.

So why do so many people love it? Let's Get Into It!

Reason 1

C-sections, surgery scars, burns, Keloids, stitches. The Nuvadermis Duo handles them all!

Whatever the scar, see results in as little as 6 weeks for new scar (less than 1 month old) and 3 months for old scars after daily use. You can even restore that scar and fade the memory with it in your sleep!

Over 12,000 customers have reported that Nuvadermis helped:

✅ Reduced Size of the Scar or Mark

✅ Smoothed texture of the Skin around the Scar or Mark

✅ Make the area Less itchy, Less Redness

Reason 2

It's Tested by Independent Labs in the United States, passing the  HRIPT* (Human Repeat Insult Patch Test) and has proven that Nuvadermis;

✅ Is a Skin-Safe Formula

✅ Less Itchy and Less Redness caused

✅ Does Not Cause Irritation

✅ Highest Quality Materials & Testing

Reason 3

❌  No Dr. Appointments Necessary 🧑🏻‍⚕️👩🏼‍⚕️👨🏽‍⚕️

Fading scars can be scary. Some solutions require invasive actions like needles, lasers, or injections.

Nuvadermis has developed an over the counter scar restoring solution that soothes, cools, & can be done from the comfort of your everyday life. This not only reduces the cost, but reduces the need for users to have to wait weeks and months for results from highly invasive treatments.

Reason 4

Don't Sweat it, There's No Downtime

With Nuvadermis' 2-Step Solution, you’re good to move, sweat, swim or shower.

The Duo products hydrate the area with a Retinol & Vitamin E Gel and Seals the area with the Surgical Grade Silicone Sheet.

Reason 5

Silicone Gel Hydrates, Surgical-Grade Silicone Seals

Silicone based scar restoring solutions are the go to post surgery. So if your scar hasn’t quite disappeared or faded, use the solutions Doctors go to first.

' Retinol & Vitamin E Gel hydrates the tissue & the Silicone Sheets help seal the area for optimal healing so you can get back to your pre-scar glow.

Customers Love The Proven Results of Nuvadermis!

So, if you're like me, you leave things too long, you're not a fan of going to the doctors but, you do want to improve your scars, acne scarring or skin marks. Then I highly recommend trying Nuvadermis.

The part that got me? If I wasn't satisfied, they offer a 30 Day Money Back Guarantee? So this was a trial I could get behind. 

Nuvadermis is now a staple in my cupboard, whether its for scars and scratches on me, or when my children and grandchildren inevitably scuff their knees running around.

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